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Welcome to SNDigest – SND’s exclusive newsletter for members

The Society for News Design is pleased to introduce SNDigest for the benefit of its members. It is an exclusive bimonthly newsletter for SND members, delivering curated news, highlighting new chapters, industry activities, spotlighting active members and their accomplishments. It also includes tools and tips on creativity, and interviews with industry leaders. To access it, […]

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Design Journal: A look inside

Design Journal is published by the Society for News Design and available free to SND members. Join or renew your membership today to get exclusive content from upcoming issues of Design Journal.

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Design Journal: Love letters

We know you’ve got one. Every time you see it — that favorite letterform of yours — you melt a little inside. Uppercase, lowercase, straight-edged, curvy, handwritten, computer-generated — anything goes when it comes to letters that strike the heart.

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Design Journal: There’s passion behind everything we do

Design Journal is back! [Cue the trumpets!] We’re thrilled that the Journal has returned after a long hiatus. And cranking it back up, again, was quite the journey. What you’ll soon be holding in your hands (if you don’t already have it by now) is a magazine that was printed in Dubai, shipped to Orlando, […]

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Design Journal: A look inside the Passion Issue

We’ve built this issue of Design Journal around the theme of passion and how it has a hold on us all. Visual designers and educators from around the world open up about how passion drives them in the work they do: Lars Pyrds stresses putting heart behind your work; Paul Wallen opens up about the […]

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SND names Julie Elman print publications director

Julie Elman — associate professor of visual communication at Ohio University — will serve as the Society For News Design print publications director.

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