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Sat evening (710)

SND35: Sunday night update

Night falls on Syracuse and the SND International Web Desk is busy cranking out coverage from the 35th Best of News Design™ competition. And there is a lot more to come tonight and tomorrow.

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Introducing the cover of the SND34 Best of News Design book

The masses – and by that I mean 1,125 of you – have spoken, and entry No. 24, designed by Osama Aljawish, will grace the cover of the 34th annual SND Best of News Design book. Congratulations to Mr. Aljawish and to all the artists who submitted such an incredible array of choices. Cover No. […]

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Where the magic is: How the team at SB Nation earned World’s Best honors

Ryan Gantz, Director of User Experience for Vox Media, explains how a collaborative, cross-departmental process led to the successful redesign of SB Nation. The sports news site, owned by Vox Media, won World’s Best honors in the 2012 best of digital design contest.

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It’s down to 5 finalists: Vote on the cover of SND’s next Best of News Design book

We started with dozens of great covers, submitted from all over the world. A big thanks to all of the contributors for their striking, thoughtful and inventive concepts. Congratulations to our five finalists. And kudos to all of you for hundreds of votes and comments. Thanks to everyone for your participation.

These top five vote-getters represent your finalists for the cover of the 34rd edition of the SND awards book.

Cast your vote on the jump

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You decide the book cover: Annual SND Best of News Design cover design contest

Update: Voting is now closed

We received hundreds of votes over the past two weeks, and we’ll be announcing the finalists soon. Thank you to everyone who submitted cover possibilities, it is an amazing gallery of work, and variety of solutions, that you have presented us. We’ll leave the gallery up for now, stay tuned for the next round!

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Winners of SND34's World's Best news sites and apps

Meet SND’s 2012 World’s Best news sites and apps: SB Nation, and the Guardian and Observer iPad app

The Society for News Design is thrilled to announce the 2012 World’s Best Designed news sites and apps: SB Nation, and the Guardian and Observer iPad apps.

The baselines for digital news design are changing and becoming more mature. Over the past year responsive design and custom typography became expectations instead of an experimental exceptions. Touch compatibility is essential; Flash is prohibited. There’s a reductionist movement to confidently display hierarchy while tastefully integrating smart customization and social.

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The cover competition for SND33 was won by Hugo A. Sanchez of the Gulf News. Who will win for SND34? You?

SND34: Design the next book cover

Judges from across the globe met in Syracuse and Muncie. They poured over more than 10,000 print and digital entries. Now as the winners are assembled in SND’s Annual The Best of News Design™ book, here’s one last chance to get your work in there. On the cover. Submit your cover design by March 22. We’ll […]

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SND34: The Official Press Release

SOCIETY FOR NEWS DESIGN 34th EDITION RESULTS: * Five international newspapers named “World’s Best-Designed” * Three gold medals among the 727 individual awards given to 9,262 entries from 30 countries Five international newspapers – two from Germany, two from Scandinavia and one from Canada – have been named “World’s Best-Designed Newspaper™” by the Society for […]

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SND34: Of competitions and consequences

I have a confession. I don’t believe everything I read from the media. Does that make me a bad member of the media? Here’s why I ask: I’m hearing from fellow journalists that SND has an infographics-and-illustration crisis on its hand, and the journalist in me can’t kick the skeptical habit that easily.

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SND34 Best of Digital Design: Unofficial results including Awards of Excellence and medal winners

Did your publication enter the Best of Digital Design competition this year? Check here to find out whether our panel of international judges recognized your work among the elite entries.

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SND34 Best of Digital Design: In-depth recap and unofficial awards count

A team of international judges evaluated several hundred entries in this edition of the Best of Digital Design competition hosted at Ball State University, February 22-24. Here is the unofficial medal count, as well as video that explains a few changes to this year’s judging process.

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SND34 Best of Digital Design: NYT wins medals in two portfolio categories

Judges awarded two silver medals to the New York Times for its Olympics and graphics portfolios.

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SND34 Best of Digital Design: Eight single-story projects earn medals

Over 100 entries were submitted in the single-story project category, and judges have awarded a total of eight medals. The New York Times led the category with six silver medal winners and one gold medal winner. NPR also won a silver medal.

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SND34 Best of Digital Design: Live coverage via Storify

Thanks for joining us for live coverage of the SND Digital competition. The competition is now over, the judges have all headed home, but the links and photos from Ball State via Storify will remain in the digital space for virtually forever. Keep an eye on for more news and have a bit of […]

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Click the image to view the winning entry.

SND34 Best of Digital Design: USA Today wins a silver medal for use of multimedia

Judges awarded a silver medal to USA Today for its entry “Ghost Factories: Smelting and Lead Contamination” in the use of multimedia category.

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SND34 Best of Digital Design: The New York Times wins a gold medal for “Snow Fall”

Judges awarded a silver medal to The New York Times for its entry “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” in the use of multimedia category.

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