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VIDEO: The process, pitch and case for Svenska Dagbladet’s Best in Show

A behind-the-scenes look at SND33’s Best in Show judges’ deliberation and final vote. Watch as judges explain their support for Svenska Dagbladet’s gold-winning entry about the Norway attacks, and the campaign for it to receive the first SND Best in Show in a decade.

Winners database: Search all the winners from SND33

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After SND33, 3 judges reflect on what they saw

After viewing 230 entries in this year’s World’s Best competition, the judges share their impressions.

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Judges pick 5 of the World’s Best-Designed™ Newspapers

In its 33rd annual The Best of Newspaper Design™ Creative Competition, the Society for News Design has named five newspapers, representing four countries, the World’s Best-Designed™ Newspaper.

Excelsior, Mexíco City, Mexíco
Cir. 75,000 – 174-999 (Daily)

National Post, Toronto, ON, Canada
Cir. 75,000 – 174-999 (Daily)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Cir. 175,000 & over (Non-Daily)

The Grid, Toronto, ON, Canada
Cir. 25,000 – 74,000 – 74,999 (Non-Daily)

Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cir. 75,000 – 174-999 (Daily)

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The Grid

World’s Best: The Grid

The Grid of Toronto was named one of the World’s Best-Designed Newspapers™ at SND33.

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Germany

World’s Best: Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Germany, was named one of the World’s Best-Designed Newspapers™ at SND33.

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National Post, Toronto, CN

World’s Best: National Post

The National Post of Toronto, Canada, was chosen one of the five World’s Best-Designed Newspapers™ at SND33.

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Excelsior, Mexico City

World’s Best: Excelsior

One of five newspapers chosen as World’s Best at SND33 is Excelsior of Mexico City, Mexico

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Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

World’s Best: Politiken

Politiken of Copenhagen, Denmark, was chosen one of the five World’s Best-Designed Newspapers™ at SND33.

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The judges spread out pages of a World's Best contender.

Down to the wire: Deciding the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper™

The judged have spent four days leafing through newspaper pages sent in from all over the world. From 230 entries, we were left with a final 12. Of those, any number could be declared World’s Best-Designed Newspaper™. A decision is near.

Click the headline for a timeline of events at SND 33 World’s Best judging. Pus, stay tuned for the judges’ overall reactions to the entries, and learn what tripped up some newspapers who entered the competition with the best of intentions.

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Judges get tougher in Round 2

What the judges are saying at SND33

Overheard in the Waverly Room, some observations from the judges as they choose their favorites and eliminate others.

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The 33rd World’s Best-Designed™ News competition begins. Meet the judges

Judging of the 33rd edition of the World’s Best-Designed™ newspaper — or Category 1, as we like to call it — segment of the Best of News Design™ begins today in Syracuse, N.Y. The judges for the other categories of the competition have found their way home.

We now have five new judges, all with fresh eyes, who came as far away as China and Denmark. They are ready to review the 230 entries vying for the top honors of World’s Best. The coveted award will honor work from 2011, with a focus on the complete newspaper experience.

Meet your judges…

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SvD editor-in-chief Lena K Samuelsson (left, in black) takes the stage, interviewing the three staff members behind her that represent the team, from left: Jessika Olofsson, picture editor, Malin S Ånell, page designer and managing editor: Martin Jönsson. They explained the difficulties and challenges involved in delivering the award-winning breaking news coverage, and what choices they made. They were greeted with happy cheers and applause from their colleagues in the newsroom.

SND33: Behind the scenes of Svenska Dagbladet’s Best in Show coverage

The terror attack against Norway and the shootings on the island Utøya was an enormous tragedy. At the same time it put the news media under very high pressure. However it is necessary to focus and to have a plan when you present news. That is the most important task for a newspaper.
What follows is how we covered the story.

UPDATE:Photos from the announcement at SvD, and a full list of the SvD team that worked on the project on the jump

Check out coverage of SND33 here

Enter SND’s Best of Digital Design here

Nominate a site or app to be World’s Best here

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SND33 Best in Show: Svenska Dagbladet’s breaking news coverage of Norway attacks

UPDATE: Check out a PDF of the Best in Show pages from Svenska Dagbladet.

For the first time since 2002, the judges of SND’s annual creative competition selected a Best in Show: Svenksa Dagbladet‘s breaking news coverage of the July 2011 Norway attacks.

The 16 pages from the Stockholm, Sweden, paper combine stunning photography, engrossing information graphics, sharp typography, brilliant pacing and page architecture in a piece of journalism that answers every question a reader might have about the attack in which 77 people were killed in Oslo and a nearby island.

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SND33: Tallying the winners (UNOFFICIAL RESULTS)

After three very long days of judging at Syracuse University (the 23rd time it has been hosted here), general judging of the Best of News Design™ print competition is now complete. Here’s a look at SND33 by the numbers.

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Sixth Gold medal: Bloomberg Businessweek’s Steve Jobs photo timeline

Bloomberg Businessweek has won a gold medal for its cover story after Steve Jobs’ death. The entry starts on the cover and runs for several spreads.

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SND33: Winner-tracker™

Judging is under way in surprisingly snowless Syracuse, NY, in the Society for News Design’s annual competition. The team of judges come from all over the world: Hong Kong, London, Buenos Aires, Bloomington, Indiana. Stay tuned to this page for updates all weekend long. We’ll capture trends and quotes, meet the people, look at the pages, and we’ll give you a sample of some of the competition winners.

The judging will last until Monday evening as judges sort through 10,131 entries, just about as many as last year.

Check here for coverage of SND33 all weekend.

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