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Best of News Design: SND37 World’s Best and Beyond

The Society for News Design announced two World’s Best-Designed™ newspapers, Die Ziet and The National Post, on Saturday at the #SNDSF closing gala.

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The Best of News Design 36 for iPad and iPhone

For the first time, the Society for News Design has released a digital version of The Best of News Design annual book for iPad and iPhone. Created by Douglas Okasaki, SND vice-president, the ebook is a completely new experience.

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SND37: Best in Show + Competition Summary

The New York Times on Monday earned Best in Show at the SND Creative Competition, for its combination print/digital presentation of “The Displaced,” a series of stories highlighting the plight of refugee children around the globe. The package offered striking use of photography in print, and an immersive virtual reality experience. This marks the third […]

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Judges feature photo

Trends noticed by the print judges: SND37

SND37 judges noticed a few design trends as they look through more than 8,000 entries this weekend. At the end of the second full day of judging, here are a few of their observations: “In the winning papers I see that every part of (the design) has meaning and is integral to the understanding of […]

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Facilitator Becky Markovitz multi-tasks, taking photos for Instagram while also setting out cups.

All that’s left of Sunday is the singing

This morning, the temperature in sunny Syracuse was reported as low as -21 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily for #SND37, we were inside all day. It being Valentines Day, judges and facilitators received a small token of our admiration, along with temporary pizza tattoos. The visuals team finished up graphics and are almost done with illustration. In […]

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SND37 The circular trend

The Earth is round and so were some page designs that used the circular shape as main element. Comments from a few of the News Category judges: Bad things: There are a lot of circle graphics or graphics that seem to be overloaded. They are hard to read when they are too fancy. There is […]

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SND37 Infographics Category

It is infographic time at the table. Give a look at samples of entries in this competitive category. They samples are not necessarily award winners. SND37: Live coverage from the Best of News Design competition Meet the judges | Judging process visualized | SND Instagram | SND Twitter feed | SND Facebook page SND37 Medal Winners | Award of Excellence […]

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Worlds Best Judges

Here’s the cut: SND37 World’s Best competition 13 Finalists

UPDATE: Monday, Feb. 15 – 2:45 p.m. (EST) We now have a short list of 13 finalists for the World’s Best competition. From 200 publications to choose from, here is your update, in alphabetical order with comments from the judges: Aamulehti (Finland) There’s a wittiness throughout. It’s a delicate thing to hit, but they do […]

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Medal feature image

SND37: Medal Winners

Silver and Gold medal winners in the annual SND37 Best of News Design competition

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Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 5.14.56 AM

SND37: Big, great, gargantuan project entries …

It takes a lot of work to put together multiple page entries. Here’s a glimpse of some of the big project entries as they were laid out on the tables during judging — not necessarily award winners, yet. We’ll see, as the judging moves along. Stay tuned.        

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Aly Morris, 2-3 out.

Wrapping up Saturday

Today at Drumlins, the judging facility, all the judging teams worked very hard to get through a great many entries. We saw excellent work and many very deserving winners. Becky Markovitz was bringing you atmosphere from Syracuse and photos of some winners all day on Instagram. Everyone is very tired (including the person writing this post). […]

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Sport Gallery SND37

A brief glimpse at some of the sport entries.  

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#SND37 Print Judging: Saturday

The SND37 print judges are off and running on the long marathon of judging at Syracuse University’s Drumlin Hall. Want a glimpse into judging for the World’s Best category? Follow the action here, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.   SND37: Live coverage from the Best of News Design competition Meet the judges |  Judging […]

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The judges got an early start on the combination print and digital entries.

Friday in the ‘Cuse

It was an eventful day at judging in Syracuse today. The good news is that the snow has stopped. The bad news is that means it’s about to get colder. I spent the day floating between an excellent student session and the hard-working long form team, taking a few Polaroids for my scrap book. The […]

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SND Student Workshop

The SND37 student workshop: Live-streamed, archived, fabulous!

If you cannot join us in person for the SND37 student workshop, you can find live streaming right here at

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As expected, the blustery lake effect snow was falling  on Thursday afternoon, just in time to delay a flight or two.

Hello from snowy Syracuse

Hello from snowy Syracuse! Wish you were here. The SND37 Creative Competition is just starting to get rolling. Judges are trickling into the hotel, snow is (of course) falling, temperatures are dropping and it’s looking like perfect weather to stay inside for the weekend. We’re hoping the snow won’t be too deep that we can’t […]

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