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Camp SND

Camp SND is the Society for News Design’s training program created for those interested in learning the basics of responsive web design and data visualization. These intense, two-day hands-on camps are available to university students and professionals alike. Sponsored by the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation and the Scripps Howard Foundation, Camp SND is free to attend, but only available for SND members. Course size is limited to ensure meaningful, and personalized instruction.

If you are not a member, join now!

The courses are directed by expert trainers Chris Courtney of Bloc; consultant Kurt Cunningham; Yuri Victor of Vox Media; and Joey Marburger of the Washington Post.


2016 dates coming soon


Please RSVP to Executive Director Stephen Komives at

Background info

Once you are signed up to participate in ‘Camp,’ you will receive prep work to complete before the weekend begins. It is advised that you give yourself at least a couple of days to work on this before arriving at camp. The work is considered to be suitable for all levels of digital designers, so if you have no HTML or CSS background you can still participate.

SND Training Director Chris Courtney will be inviting you into the CampSND community on Slack. Participants are encouraged to post questions about the prep work in the CampSND Slack channel in the weeks leading up to the event so the CampSND team can assist you along the way. There will also be two AMA sessions hosted by Chris before your camp begins, so you’ll have an opportunity to ask anything about the prep work or the camp expectations before the event begins.

Once the team arrives on campus, you’ll find that time will go by rather quickly as we attempt to cram as much as possible into a two day experience. The best thing you can do to get the most out of the weekend is to complete the prepwork!

Day One:
Intro to digital design: An overview of the craft and what you should be prepared to learn
HTML/CSS overview: What are the component parts and how do they work together?
Inspect Element: Pulling the internet apart, one page at a time
My best friend is a framework: Constructing a simple project using a few lines of code
Responsive overview: What is responsive design and why it matters
Build together: Participants pair together on building a prebuilt project provided by the CampSND team (advanced designers can begin working on independent projects)

Day Two:
Javascript is weird: Understanding syntax and building a simple project with javascript
Documentation matters: Where to find answers for those pesky problems
Independent projects: Participants are encouraged to bring projects that they would like to work on to the class. The CampSND team will provide guidance and feedback through the afternoon and answer group questions that pop up in an adhoc manner.