Features [Single-subject project]
From 'Trajan's Column' stop-motion film by National Geographic.
From ‘Trajan’s Column’ stop-motion film by National Geographic.

National Geographic, Trajan’s Column
NPR, Rain Forest Was Here
The Washington Post, Car Ride with Lena
The Washington Post, Clinton Donor Network

Award of Excellence

The Age (Australia), How 7-Eleven is ripping off its workers
The Age, No end in sight
The Age, Phantom call
The Associated Press, Mexico: The Other Disappeared
The Boston Globe, Magic on the mound
The Boston Globe, Journey to Myanmar
The Boston Globe, The Staff of Life and Love
The Boston Globe, The Most Stylish Bostonians of 2015
The Boston Globe, How Meb won the Marathon
The Boston Globe, Clash in the name of care: The e-mails – A Spotlight Team Report
Clarin, Especial: Ley Antitabaco
Dallas Morning News, How George H.W. Bush asserted control
Dallas Morning News, Welcome to the World of Lucha Libre in Dallas!
Eater, One Night at Kachka
Estadão, Clima em transformação
Estadão, Os Toupeiras: a história do furto ao Banco Central
The Globe and Mail, Billionaire’s Bad Dream
The Globe and Mail, Life at Canadian Forces Station Alert
The Globe and Mail, Brazil’s colour bind
The Globe and Mail, The Globe’s election forecast
O Globo Messi’s, Parallel Universe
O Globo, Prologues
Zhejiang Daily, The Chinese New Year Paintings 小菜年画
The Intercept, The Drone Papers
The Guardian, Go Set A Watchman: Read the first chapter
The Guardian, ‘A tortured heap of towers’: the London skyline of tomorrow
The Guardian, The Mekong river: stories from the heart of the climate crisis
The Guardian, The American civil war: then and now
The Guardian, Star Wars: The Force Awakens – interactive cheat sheet
Los Angeles Times, Year of the Goat: Chinese zodiac matchmaking guide
Los Angeles Times, Explore Mars’ Gale Crater
Los Angeles Times, Walking in L.A.: The county’s 817 most dangerous intersections
Los Angeles Times, How to win an Oscar
Los Angeles Times, The Lonliest War
National Geographic, Healing Soldiers
The New York Times, How They Got Their Guns
The New York Times, The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election
The New York Times, What Happens When the Fed Raises Rates
The New York Times, Illuminating North Korea
The Wall Street Journal, Five Major Risks to Flying in Asia
The Wall Street Journal, China’s Reckoning: The Economic Miracle Hits Troubled Times
The Wall Street Journal, Malaysia’s 1MDB Decoded: How Millions Went Missing
The Wall Street Journal, A Field Guide to the Solar System
NPR, The Unthinkable
Politico, Paying for It Issue, The Agenda
Racked.com, Spring Shopping Guide
SB Nation, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: The Poison Oasis
USA Today, 2016 Presidential Poll Tracker
The Verge, Apple Watch: the definitive review
The Verge, Anatomy of a Hack
VG Nett, Surviving death in the Arctic Sea
Vox, I worked at a Halloween store. I saw nice people turn into monsters
The Washington Post, James Bond’s best cars
The Washington Post, The ‘Black Route’ to Europe, and the Syrian family who braved it
The Washington Post, Where to cool off near all 91 metro stations
The Washington Post, A disputed diagnosis imprisons parents
The Washington Post, Artisan politics
澎湃新闻 (Surging News), Three Gorges Dam
Adressa.no, Teppefall (Curtain call)
The Baltimore Sun, Torn Between Two Worlds
fusion.net, What are the fish telling us
lenta.ru, 100 years of Moscow Metro
The Marshall Project, An Unbelievable Story of Rape
La Nacion (Costa Rica), 75th Anniversary of the National Symphony Orchestra
ProPublica, Surgeon Scorecard
ProPublica, Cruise Control
Publico (Lisbon), 40 restaurantes a não perder
Seattle Times, Tragedy strikes a mining town
Seattle Times, Shielded by the Law