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From Asahi Shimbun's Silver-medal winning entry.
From Asahi Shimbun’s Silver-medal winning entry.

Asahi Shimbun, Tsukiji – Kitchen of the Time
National Geographic, Climate Change
The Wall Street Journal, A Stolen Boy

Award of Excellence

The Boston Globe, Fall Fashion: Field Guide
The Boston Globe, Clash in the name of care: Home – A Spotlight Team Report
Dallas Morning News, Deadly Dentistry
The Guardian, The Counted
The Guardian, Keep it in the ground | The Guardian
Los Angeles Times, San Bernardino: Broken City
Los Angeles Times, Fleeing Syria
The New York Times, The Outlaw Ocean
The New York Times, Transgender Today
The Wall Street Journal, When One Journey Ends, Another Begins for Migrants
Tampa Bay Times, How five of the worst schools in Florida wound up in Pinellas County
Tampa Bay Times, Failure Factories
Tampa Bay Times, Insane. Invisible. In danger.
The Washington Post, America’s best food cities
The Washington Post, One in 5 women say they have been sexually assaulted in college
The Washington Post, Investigation: People shot and killed by police this year
fusion.net, Stop Telling Women to Smile
Gazeta Do Povo, The pracinhas in the WWII
The Marshall Project, The Next to Die
msnbc, Geography of Poverty
ProPublica, Killing the Colorado
ProPublica, Insult to Injury: America’s Vanishing Worker Protections
ProPublica, G.I. Dough
Publico (Lisbon), 12 ideias para Portugal