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#SNDSF speaker Len De Groot on why VR should leverage data visualization

In an ongoing preview of speakers for the upcoming #SNDSF conference, Paul Wallen interviews speaker Len De Groot, director of data visualization for the Los Angeles Times. Len will speak on combining infographics and virtual reality.

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Andrea Levy on OpinionArt and her talk at #SNDDC

I sent Levy a lengthy list of questions for what I thought would be a Q&A, but as anyone who has ever worked with Andrea knows, she has a tendency not to give you what you expect. She gives you something better.

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Wallen: All-or-nothing attacks discourage intelligent risk-taking

The New York Times’ SportsSaturday cover, which featured a list of NBA transactions, intending to highlight LeBron James’ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, was met with a fury of debate across social media platforms. Especially within the SND community.

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Design plagiarism: Myth or reality?

Plagiarism is fairly easy to define in most areas of the journalism industry, but there is no copy and pasting in the design world. Where do we draw the line between a flattering imitation and stolen work?

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Wayne Kamidoi on his Hall of Fame section front

Wayne Kamidoi, Sports Art Director at the New York Times, chats about the reaction to his controversial page about the lack of baseball hall of fame inductions.

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From designer to pop-music critic, Emmet Smith shares his story

Music critic at the Cleveland Plain Dealer is not a job that comes open very often. Now a well-known name in newspaper design circles joins this Plain Dealer short list. After a decade as a designer, Emmet Smith recently began his new role as pop music critic. He chats with Paul Wallen about his transition, as well as similarities between his old and new gigs.

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