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#SNDDC for students: Register for free Washington Post workshop

Students: Coming to #SNDDC in the spring? Be sure to arrive in time for a special day-long program on April 9 at The Washington Post.

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Announcing the starting lineup for the #SNDDC workshop

Nigel Holmes, Rob King, Ezra Klein, Amy Webb, Deborah Withey, Richard Saul Wurman and more are scheduled to speak at SNDDC, which runs April 9-11 in Washington, D.C.

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Type, student sessions kick off #SNDDC

The events are happening at The Washington Post, which is generously hosting.

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Survey: Strong desire for digital design on #SNDDC program

Join us April 9-11, 2015 at the Newseum in Washington

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#SNDDC: The Future of News Design — Help us plan the program

Take this quick survey to help us shape the SNDDC workshop

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Start-up lessons: A homicide site in DC

What can you learn about design and development from a site about homicides? A lot, it turns out as we see in this dispatch in SND’s Year-Long Conversation about design.

  • Do what you can—now.
  • Use what you can—now.
  • Build what you can—now.
  • Take risks.
  • Evaluate.
  • Be public.
  • Think creatively.
  • Trust that things will fall into place.
  • But do what you can to make them fall into the right places.
  • Never stop looking forward.
  • Find your purpose, define it, and live by it.
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      Design lessons from 9/11

      What did you learn?

      There was stunning photojournalism from the attacks. There were astounding information graphics. There was indelible design. As a visual journalist, what did you learn from 9/11? Share your story.

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      Roger Black's Ready-Media site

      Roger Black on Ready-Media, templates and the future of design

      When Roger Black and Eduardo Danilo launched Ready-Media this week—the template service for newspapers, magazines and, eventually, the Web—the announcement sent distress signals through the design community. SND talks with Black about what he had in mind when creating Ready-Media.

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      Inside the design process for NPR’s iPad app

      The NPR app, which has been in the top free downloads since the iPad came out, and a companion site optimized for the iPad feature clean design and a careful attention to usability details. Hear more about the prototyping process with NPR’s Paulo Lopez and David Wright Jr.

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      Two words about the new Apple tablet: Think different

      Steve Jobs will unveil something big on Wednesday morning. Early word — and there’s been much of it — is that Apple will reinvent the idea of portable computing with a new tablet that just might revolutionize publishing.

      But if you’re worried about the tech specs and the price and the size of the thing and who will win the coveted phone contract (if there is one) and how the wireless will work and the millions of other rumors out there, you’re missing the point.

      Apple thinks bigger.
      It traffics in ideas.

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      Amanda Zamora

      Five questions: Amanda Zamora, multimedia editor

      Amanda Zamora left The Washington Post last year to be part of the start-up team that would launch The Huffington Post Investigative Fund. The independent nonprofit journalism venture, funded by various donors (including, of course, The Huffington Post, but also the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Knight Foundation) and based in Washington, D.C., is part of […]

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      Screen gems: Roger Fidler talks about e-readers and tablets

      Fifteen years ago, Roger Fidler had a somewhat-prophetic vision for a thin electronic tablet. Now, as the publishing world scrambles to embrace e-readers and looks ahead to new devices and interaction models, we checked in with Fidler to reflect on missed opportunities and his predictions for what comes next.

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      Video: About that list of 25 moments…

      Explore the videos from 25 Influential Moments in News Design, the oral history of the Society at 25 as told by the founding generation of information design professionals — with thoughtful insights on what shaped the craft.

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      Mobile: Paying for functionality in news apps

      The RevenueTwoPointZero event happened on Saturday in Washington. This is the report from the mobile team. Our solutions for monetizing the iPhone are based on existing technology but an emerging audience. The current audience may be small, but it’s clearly growing. Mobile remains new, so it offers opportunities to pursue revenue strategies that may not […]

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      An effort to find new revenue models launches

      Next weekend, the Society will be part of a day-long event in Washington aimed at helping the struggling newspaper industry find revenue solutions in a few key areas. The belief is that design thinking can help frame the issue because those of us used to conceptualizing can make a fast round of prototypes that will […]

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      General competition: Here’s the final tally

      The final day of The Best of Newspaper Design™ general competition has come to a close. The judges did not award a Best of Show. Four gold medals were awarded: two to the National Post, and one each to The New York Times Magazine and Expresso (Lisbon). The unofficial* top 10 winners by number of awards are the Los Angeles Times, the National Post (Toronto), The New York Times and its magazines, The St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, La Presse (Montreal), The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the Boston Globe, Zaman (Istanbul), The National (Abu Dhabi), and three newspapers tied for No. 10: The Buffalo (N.Y.) News, the Chicago Tribune, and Clarin (Buenos Aires).

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