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Sara Quinn

At SND Frankfurt: What eyetrack research teaches us about readers

At the upcoming SND Frankfurt workshop, design researcher Sara Quinn will talk about findings from Poynter’s many studies of how people engage with journalistic storytelling across platforms. Quinn will also give a sneak preview of a current project on how readers engage with photojournalism.

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Run, Gabi, Run! Keeping up quality content and diversity on deadline

Gabi Schmidt, the Creative Director at Schmidt Media Group — and speaker at the upcoming SND Frankfurt workshop – enjoys new projects, and different countries and cultures. One of her greatest concerns as visual journalist is how to engage both the leadership teams and the staff so that they create a more balanced and diverse coverage of news. [...]

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Guardian creative director Alex Breuer joins SND Frankfurt lineup

Alex Breuer, creative director of The Guardian, joins an impressive roster of speakers at SND Frankfurt. Working in both digital and print formats, Breuer has worked across a broad range of high-profile brands including The Times, The Financial Times, Esquire and Men’s Health. At The Guardian, Breuer is developing new  content forms that will not just [...]

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Speakers from The New York Times, The National, National Geographic coming to SND Frankfurt

Three more speakers join an impressive roster of speakers at the 2014 SND Frankfurt workshop (click here to register). John Niedermeyer is the Deputy Editor for Digital News Design at The New York Times. He leads a team of digital designers in the newsroom who craft and build visually-rich story presentations, digital-first interactive features, and special packages for planned [...]

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Ted Irvine

Some questions for SND Frankfurt speaker Ted Irvine

Ted Irvine, the senior design director at Vox Media, joins an impressive roster of speakers at the 2014 SND Frankfurt workshop (click here to register). We asked him a few questions to get to know him better. While I find inspiration from newspapers, I rarely read them anymore. When I do have the opportunity to do so, I [...]

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Ibrahim Nehme

Ibrahim Nehme, Lukas Kircher, Sara Quinn will speak at SND’s Frankfurt workshop

Ibrahim Nehme is the editor-in-chief of The Outpost magazine. Two years ago, he quit the advertising world and founded The Outpost. Published from Beirut and dubbed “a magazine of possibilities,” The Outpost is a quarterly print publication that aims to ignite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Arab world by inspiring its readers to explore a world of possibilities. Soon after its [...]

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Sophie Gräfin zu Eltz

Durado, Gräfin zu Eltz, Gomez set to speak in Frankfurt workshop

Three more designers have been added to the roster of speakers at the 2014 SND Frankfurt workshop, joining an already impressive lineup.

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Look who’s speaking at SND Frankfurt

The 2014 SND Frankfurt workshop, just four months away, is rolling out its roster of speakers. We’re sure you will agree that already, the lineup is impressive.

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3 Questions: The SND35 judges

To get to know them better, we asked the judges at SND35 Best of News Design™ three questions. Here are all the mini-interviews we conducted during the competition in Syracuse this year.

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College News Design Contest set at SSND Mizzou

Dates for the 2014 College News Design Contest at SSND Mizzou are now set. The competition is open to all college students.

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SND35 World’s Best: Die Zeit

The judges wrote: Sophisticated with an underlying sense of fun, Die Zeit is one of Germany’s most well-known weekly newspapers and the design must get due credit. Balanced and symmetrical in its look, Die Zeit enjoys a quiet authority through its beautifully modular layout and its elegant and restrained typography. That authority allows it to [...]

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SND35 World’s Best: The Grid

The judges wrote: If The Grid were a friend — and it seems like it’s aiming to be – it would be the one who grabs this and that from their closet, adds a colorful scarf and a thrift shop bracelet to create a near perfect effect. Pleasingly jumbled at first glance, the whole look [...]

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SND35 World’s Best: The Guardian

The judges wrote: The Guardian’s design is reassuring in its consistency and clarity, as it delivers a robust daily package of news supported by a clear and distinctive architecture that ranges from large attention-grabbing promos to something as small as body text. Long a standard-bearer for news design, The Guardian is among the most studied [...]

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SND35: 5 World’s Best-Designed™ Newspapers

In the 35th annual The Best of News Design™ creative competition, five Society for News Design judges have named the World’s Best-Designed™ Newspapers.

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SND35 World’s Best: Welt am Sonntag

The judges wrote: A remarkably consistent newspaper — from its front page to its last – with a striking symmetry, it is nonetheless lavish in its creative use of illustration, photography and white space. Its obvious attention to detail is a strong foundation for the line it walks between tradition and daring. This Sunday weekly [...]

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SND35 World’s Best: Dagens Nyheter

The judges wrote: A newspaper that’s designed like a magazine, Sweden’s largest morning daily delivers a no-nonsense news report whose strength stems from strong, boldly cropped photos. The design uses white space efficiently to present a lot of information without overwhelming the reader. The front page does not lose its impact, even while still offering [...]

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