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Celebration, consternation, resignation

A peek at Saturday’s Plain Dealer, featuring news of LeBron James’ return to the National Basketball Association’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

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#SNDMakes teams define projects, begin work

Day one of #SNDMakes included time for participants to discuss questions related to our topic, a series of lightning talks on subjects ranging from project management and user testing to Tarbell and Meteor.js, and low-fi wireframing.

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Meet the design nerds gathered in Indianapolis to invent new story forms

This weekend SND is nerding out on story-form design, with a focus on inventing new ways to evolve how we think about presenting digital narratives.

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How The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covered a winter storm

Melissa Angle, projects editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, shared the story behind the paper’s special print edition during a snow and ice storm that crippled Atlanta.

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Join us for “SND Prototypes: The story experience”

SND is nerding out on story-form design, with a focus on inventing new ways to evolve how we think about presenting digital narratives.

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[Social buzz] Reaction to The New York Times digital redesign

This morning The New York Times released a redesign of its digital products, which offers a new experience they describe as sleeker, faster and more intuitive. SND is tracking reaction from around the web.

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San Francisco Chronicle goes Gotham City for Batkid

Miles is a 5-year old boy in remission after battling leukemia since he was 20-months old. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, with help from the San Francisco Chronicle, Miles got to spend a day fighting crime in “Gotham City.”

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Chris Johanesen on design, testing and launching new products at BuzzFeed

Chris Johanesen started at BuzzFeed as its second employee. Now, as vice president of product, he shares insights about “the media company for the social age.”

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SNDLOU: Meet Michael Renaud, creative director at Pitchfork

We’re weeks away from the annual SND Workshop in Louisville. As we count down the days, we will introduce you to some of the speakers presenting at the conference.

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Behind the New York Daily News’ ‘House of Turds’ cover

The New York Daily News made waves with its ‘House of Turds’ cover, which went viral across social networks and media organizations alike. Design director Theo Caviness and senior designer Jill Evans spoke to us about the story behind the cover.

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Welcome to the new

On behalf of the Society For News Design, I’m thrilled to welcome you to the new; an effort ten months in the making. As proud as I am to have led the project management and visual design of this redesign, I’m even more proud that it echoes the voices of our members. In December, you [...]

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Jon Wile on redesigning the American City Business Journals

As creative director for American City Business Journals, Jon Wile has his hands full. On top of dealing with the logistics of handling 40+ publications, he’s leading the brand redesign alongside Garcia Media. Wile talks with SND about the process.

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Zite learns what you like and gets smarter as you use it, analyzing millions of articles every day.

Mark Johnson on innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media

I first met Mark Johnson at SND St. Louis in September 2011. The now 35-year old CEO of Zite — a personalized magazine app acquired by CNN earlier that year — was the definition of unassuming. Sporting a curly fro, eyebrow ring, t-shirt and backpack, I actually mistook him for a college student. Our first conversation had us discussing everything from cocktails and news design to architecture and taxidermy. Here, Johnson talks innovation, personalization and user-experience design in media.

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The times they are a-changin’ for

It was 1963 when Bob Dylan famously wrote, “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” and leveraged his fame to spur conversation during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. The writing process hadn’t been completed when — according to biographer Clinton Heylin — the iconic folk singer was visited by his friend and fellow musician, Tony Glover. Glover picked up a page of the lyric, looked to Dylan and said, “What is this shit, man?” Dylan replied, “Well, you know, it seems to be what the people want to hear.”

Dylan had an intrinsic understanding of everyday people, and responded with what has become an anthem for societal change in moments both big and small.

Now marks the beginning of change for our Society.

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A look at the Boston Globe's special section, "102 Hours In Pursuit." Click to view a larger image.

Eight pages, 14,000 words: How the Boston Globe re-told the story of April 15, 2013

Last week, the team at the Boston Globe set out with a goal to provide its readers a complete re-telling of the events surrounding the bombings that shook the city. Here, news designer Robert Davis shares about the process that went into generating this special section.

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The Boston Globe on Sunday, April 21, 2013. (Click to view larger image)

How the Boston Globe covered a hellish week

It’s been a week since a terror attack devastated the Boston Marathon and journalists at the Boston Globe were on top of the story across platforms all week long. In this post, Dan Zedek, AME/Design at the Boston Globe tells us a little bit about the effort that went into covering such a difficult story.

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