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What design leaders have to say about Steve Dorsey

Most members of the Society have a “Dorsey” story to share. It only took a few emails to get the superlatives flowing, which became the genesis of this project. Below you can read what was emailed to us, and if you have something you’d like to say please leave it in the comments field at the bottom of this post.

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Steve Dorsey: “It’s always been about helping people and making things better”

For the last 13 years, Steve Dorsey has made valuable contributions to the Society ranging from editor of the Design Journal to president of the organization. Now, as he takes a step back from formal leadership, we honor his long-standing dedication to making the Society better for the sake of its members.

This is the first in a three-part series:
Part 2: Design leaders share their thoughts on Steve Dorsey
Part 3: Steve Dorsey in his own words

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JUDGE’S JOURNAL: Five things I learned as a Syracuse newbie

The Washington Post’s Jon Wile got his first taste of the competition Saturday as a news judge. He shares his reactions and new-found appreciation what it takes to get five judges to agree

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Who will be this year’s Sports Designer of the Year?

Josh Crutchmer, of the Chicago Tribune and a blogger at, sat down with us for a “Q and A”. The biggest thing we wanted to know: Who will be named Sports Designer of the Year? Click the video above to see who joins the list of great names – Wayne Kamidoi, Vince Chiaramonte and Derek Simmons.

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Nigel Holmes to deliver Buenos Aires keynote

Graphic design legend Nigel Holmes will be joining us in Buenos Aires to deliver the keynote for this year’s annual workshop, which happens Sept. 24-26 in Argentina. “We’re thrilled to have the legendary graphic designer and theorist as the keynote speaker,” said Matt Mansfield, SND’s president. “Nigel’s work visually explaining the world has informed a […]

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Web Design 101: Time to head back to school

I went to Nashville for the SND Web Design Boot Camp at the Freedom Forum, which is an amazing facility on the campus of Vanderbilt University. There were 30 participants at the two-day workshop, most with similar backgrounds and skill levels as me. Luckily for us there were two excellent instructors — Tyson Evans of The New York Times and Dave Wright Jr. of NPR.

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New York City meetup: Thanks to everyone

We were in New York City on Saturday for a free regional meetup. More than 100 people joined us in person and many more checked in online. The all-star lineup of speakers included graphics legend Nigel Holmes, Rolling Stone art director Joe Hutchinson, former Fortune graphics editor Sarah Slobin, and New York Times interactive graphics […]

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Big fish in a small pond: Vince Chiaramonte

Where did you grow up? Go to school? … Any other pertinent info about Vince. I’m a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. I attended Daemen College, a small private school in Amherst, NY (a suburb of Buffalo) and graduated with a BFA in Design and Illustration. You didn’t take […]

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