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Reimagining Excélsior

Excélsior burst onto the design scene with a stunning 2006 redesign that made a big impression with its inventive use of color, templating and individualized section styling. Its pages immediately took off at the SND Best of News Design competition, culminating in a World’s Best-Designed distinction in 2011. But times change, and recently Excélsior’s director […]


Unveiling the 36th edition covers

Congratulations and a big thank you to Ismael and Karen Sandiego, and Adonis Durado and Winie Ariany, whose submissions have been chosen as the cover designs for the 36th Edition Best of News Design book, to be published and sent to members this fall. Ismael and Karen designed the newspaper-quilt cover at left, which will […]


Best of Sports Design 2014: Sports Designer of the Year

The 2014 Sports Designer of the YEar


Volunteers make everything possible

Are you an SND member who is committed to create a good design in your region or country? Do you want to help fellow designers to continue producing better and better work? The Society for News Design (SND) is looking for volunteers who will be part of our worldwide news design community. We are looking […]


The Guts: Behind the scenes of WSJ’s digital redesign

The Wall Street Journal launched its digital redesign on April 21. Creative director Himesh Patel gives us an inside look at how it came together.


On naming Facebook the World’s Best-Designed™ news website

[Editor’s Note: On April 11, the Society for News Design announced Facebook was named World’s Best-Designed™ news website at its Best of Digital Design competition. Reaction was wide ranging — but mostly critical — and left many in the digital journalism community looking for insight into the process and rationale for the award. Naming Facebook the […]


Best of Sports Design 2014: Editors’ Choice

The votes are in, and here are your Editors’ Choice winners in the Best of Sports Design 2014.


Gregor Aisch on The Upshot’s income mobility interactive

On our team, graphics editors write words and reporters make charts, every day. This eliminates painful meetings between different departments and lets us just do things.


A look at the “fight of the century” pages: Mayweather v Pacquiao

After a long five years of failed negotiations, the time has finally come for the two iconic superstars of their generation and of course, to the delight of designers.

Mark Edelson, picture editor of the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post, examines negatives shot by Syracuse University photojournalism students during a weekend photo workshop in Baldwinsville, N.Y. in October 2000. (photo by Christian Fuchs)

An appreciation: Mark Edelson, legendary Palm Beach Post photo editor

Chris Rukan recalls the time he spent working with Edelson.