The Society for News Design » 424 E. Central Blvd. Suite 406, Orlando, FL 32801 » (407) 420-7748 | (407) 420-7697 fax. For news about the Society, SNDMakes and other programs and events, follow SND on Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo or Facebook and consider supporting programs like this one by becoming a member. As of Jan. 1, 2016, below find the full list of SND elected officers and appointed directors, committee chairs, program directors. Last updated March 25, 2016.

Officers Staff Regional directors Program directors

Board of Directors

The business of the Society is governed by its Board of Directors. Each are dues-paying members of the Society, and either elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, immediate Past President) or appointed directors (Regional and Program). The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors consists of the officers, executive director, one regional director, one program director and three appointees from the Media/Journalism community at large, not necessarily SND members.

Board member responsibilities and accountabilities: Ultimate responsibility for the association rests with the Board of Directors. The responsibility is recognized by state and federal laws; legally, the Board is responsible for the activities, employees and fiscal integrity of the association. The appropriate role of the Board is to set policies that will ensure it fulfills its legal and professional responsibilities to the association. The Board should set the tone for dynamic and aggressive leadership within the association. Specific responsibility areas include:
• Ensuring membership needs are met;
• Approving and evaluating all the programs and activities of the association;
• Planning the future direction of the association;
• Establishing broad policies to guide the operation of the association;
• Selecting and hiring the chief staff executive and monitoring and evaluating the staff executive’s performance;
• and, Setting financial objectives and monitoring their achievement.

Executive Committee10 members, mix of elected and appointed: Consists of the elected officers, the executive director, the past-president, a representative from the program directors (elected annually from the group), a representative from the regional directors (elected annually from the group) and three at-large members, one of whom has traditionally been the International Relations Director.

Duties of the Executive Committee: Sets agendas for semi-annual board meetings and to handle any contracts and evaluations of staff members

Current committee:
• Douglas Okasaki, current President
• Tyson Evans, current Vice President
• Paige Connor, current Secretary/Treasurer
• Sara Quinn, Immediate Past-President
• Gustavo Lo Valvo, Regions representative
• Vacant, Programs representative
• Stephen Komives, Executive Director
At large: Cristóbal Edwards
At large: Jennifer George-Palilonis
At large: Vacant

Officers Staff Regional directors Program directors

OfficersOne-year terms, elected

Douglas Okasaki, Twitter
 PresidentDouglas Okasaki
Senior Designer,  Gulf News
971-050-257-1639 » » @dokasaki
Duties of the President: Preside over meetings of the Board of Directors; serve as chair of the Executive Committee; monitor and control implementation of policies of the Society; make such Director or Officer appointments as are necessary during the term of office; supervise the Executive Director.

Tyson Evans, Twitter
Vice PresidentTyson Evans
Editor for Newsroom Strategy, The New York Times » @tysone

Duties of the Vice President: Discharge duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to act; supervise the Program Directors; coordinate closely with the President and serve as “President-Elect” during the last quarter of the President’s term in office; other duties as assigned by President. Member of Executive Committee. Also serves as Chairman, SND Foundation.

Secretary/Treasurer— Paige Connor
Product Manager at CQ Roll Call   @paigekconnor

Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer: Oversee all financial matters of the Society; issue timely reports of financial status to the Board of Directors and other authorized representatives; oversee and aid in the preparation of the annual budget; other duties as assigned by President. Also serves as Treasurer, SND Foundation. Also, supervise the publications of SND through the Publications Director. Member of Executive Committee. Keep minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and annual and special meetings; ensure issuance of minutes to Board of Directors and other authorized representatives in a timely fashion after the meetings.

Sara Quinn, Twitter
Immediate Past PresidentSara Quinn
R.M. Seaton Professional Journalism Chair, Kansas State University
(727) 366-0128 » » @saraquinn
Duties of the Immediate Past President: Serve as chair of an ad-hoc Nominating Committee, which usually selects two candidates for the office of Secretary/Treasurer. Advise the President on matters of continuing importance (which overlap from term to term); other duties as assigned by President. Chair of the Past President Advisory Committee. Member of Executive Committee.

Officers Staff Regional directors Program directors

Full-time staff

Stephen Komives, Twitter
Executive DirectorStephen Komives » @skomives
Duties of the Executive Director: Serves as the Society’s chief administrative officer, and for the purposes of managing the corporation day-to-day, be considered the Corporate Secretary. The executive director is responsible to the Executive Committee, and shall confer regularly with the Society’s members on all matters of Society policy, and on major matters of the Society’s operations.

Officers Staff Regional directors Program directors

Regional DirectorsTwo-year terms, appointed

SND Regions Map 101615

Region 1 — U.S. and Canada

Adrian Norris (2015)
Creative Director, The Globe and Mail
444 Front St. West, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
M5V 2S9
(416) 585-5626
Email: Adrian Norris

Region 11 — Mexico + Central America

Oscar Santiago Méndez (2016)
Design Director, El Financiero Newspaper. Grupo Lauman.
Calle Tulipán Mz. 15 Lote 27. Colonia Lomas de San Lorenzo. C.P. 09780
Delegación Iztapalapa. Mexico, D.F.
Email: Oscar Santiago

Region 12 — South America

Gustavo Lo Valvo (2016)
Design Director, Clarín
Tacuari 1846, 1140 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gustavo Lo Valvo

Region 13 — SND/Scandinavia

Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Fleming Hvidtfeldt (as long as SND/S president)
BLM, Berlingske Media
45 20911752
Email: Flemming Hvidtfeldt

Region 14 — SND/Mediterranean

Includes: Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey

Javier Errea (as long as SND/España president)
Principal, Javier Errea Comunicación
Parque Empresarial Ansoáin, Larrazko 93. Oficina 201
31013 Ansoáin, Navarra
Email: Javier Errea

Region 15 — Western Europe

Cath Levett (2016)
Graphics Editor, The Independent
2 Derry Street, London W8 5HF, United Kingdom
020 7005 2000
Email: Cath Levett

Region 16 — SND/Dach (German-speaking countries)

Stefan Knapp (as long as SND-Dach president)
DIPL Designer, Design Consulting
Laubestrasse 24, D-60594
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Stefan Knapp

Region 17 — Russia (and Russian-language newspapers)

Fyodor Shumilov (2016)
Founder, ‘Parovoz,’ infographic studio
Ul. Odoevskogo, 28, apt. 292
Saint Petersburg 199155 Russia
+7 (921) 934-5581
Email: Fyodor Shumilov
Twitter: @f_shumilov

Region 18 — SND/France

Includes: France, Belgium

Melina Zerbib (2017)
Digital Design Director, Le Monde
80 bd Auguste Blanqui
75013 Paris, France
Email :
Twitter : @melinazerbib

Region 19 — Asia, South-Pacific

T.K. Sajeev Kumar (2015)
Visual Editor
Kerala Kaumudi
Kerala, India
Email: T.K. Sajeev

Region 20 — Africa + Middle East

Osama Aljawish (2016)
Senior Designer, Times of Oman/al Shabiba
Muscat, Muscat, Oman 112
Email: Osama Aljawish

Region 21 — SND Chinese

Tian Chi (2016)
Design Editor, China Daily
Central Design Department, 15 Huixin Dongjie
Beijing, China 100029
Email: Tian Chi

Officers Staff Regional directors Program directors

Three-year terms, appointed

Best of News Design Print Competition

Josh Crutchmer (2017)
Design and Graphics Editor, The Plain Dealer
4800 Tiedeman Road
Brooklyn, OH  44144
(402) 305-4495
Email: Josh Crutchmer
Twitter: @jcrutchmer

38th Edition Competition Coordinator

Tim Parks (2017)
Deputy News + Presentation Editor
Omaha World-Herald
Email: Tim Parks

Annual Book

Steve Layton
Lecturer, University of Indiana
Bloomington, IN
Email: Steve Layton

Best of Digital Design

Ryan Sparrow (2017)
Instructor, Ball State University
Art & Journalism Building, 300
Muncie, IN  47306
(765) 285-3560
Email: Ryan Sparrow

International Relations

Cristóbal Edwards (2017)
Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s school of journalism
Santiago, Chile
Email: Cristóbal Edwards


Chris Courtney (2017)
Chicago, IL
Email: Chris Courtney
Twitter: @designhawg

Technology Director

Miranda Mulligan (2017)
Washington D.C. and Miwaukee, WI
Email: Miranda Mulligan
Twitter: @jmm

Design Director

Jon Wile (2016)
Creative Director, American City Business Journals
120 W. Morehead St., Charlotte, NC 28202
Twitter: @ACBJdesign, @worldwidewile

Outreach Director

Matt Mansfield (2017)
Vice President, CQ Roll Call
77 K St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Twitter: @mattmansfield

 Print Publications Director

Julie Elman (2015)
Associate professor, School of Visual Communication at Ohio University
301 Seigfred Hall, Athens, OH 45701
Email: Julie Elman


Education Director: U.S.

Darren A. Sanefski (2015)
Assistant Professor of Multiple Platform Journalism,
The Meek School of Journalism and New Media
Rm. 225 Farley Hall, 1 Grove Loop, University of Mississippi,
University, MS 38677
(315) 247-2358
Email: Darren A. Sanefski
Twitter: @dsanefski

Education Director: Non-U.S.

H. Michael Stoll (2017)
Professor/Information Design
Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, 
Friedberger Strabe 2, D 86161
Augsburg, Germany
49 821 55862413
Email: Michael Stoll

Diversity Director

Ramla Mahmood (2017)
Designer, product team at Vox Media
Email: Ramla Mahmood

Annual Workshop Chairs

2016: San Francisco, California

Frank Mina and Elizabeth Burr
Email: Elizabeth Burr
Frank Mina

2017: Charlotte, NC

SND Charlotte
Jon Wile, Kyle Ellis, Steve Dorsey
Email: Jon Wile
Kyle Ellis
Steve Dorsey


SND Foundation

President, SND Foundation

Tracy Collins
Director, Gannett Phoenix Design Studio
4129 E. Pinon Way
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(602) 444-8094
Email: Tracy Collins


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