SND35 World’s Best: The Guardian

guard5feaThe judges wrote:

The Guardian’s design is reassuring in its consistency and clarity, as it delivers a robust daily package of news supported by a clear and distinctive architecture that ranges from large attention-grabbing promos to something as small as body text.

Long a standard-bearer for news design, The Guardian is among the most studied newspapers in the world and it continues to work its strengths – relevance and tradition without rejecting risk-taking — making it a reliable toolbox for designers as well as a solid daily product for its readers.

Brave use of photography is typified by its A-section color centerspread, called Eyewitness. Giving readers what they cannot get in that size on their phone or their iPads, the editors choose an image strong enough to hold a centerpiece spread and offer it like a work of art. It might be a provocative moment – a child falling down at a White House holiday event – or a moment of visual grace, such as a summer’s day at Hadrian’s Wall.

Employing a consistent color palette on its section fronts – signaled by its bold flags – the design feels free to diversify from there, whether the dominant image is an illustration, a cartoon drawing or photograph.

Proportion is apparent as a guiding principal for marrying content and design, ensuring that news events are given the right weight.

A sharp focus results in a well-paced, readable, attractive newspaper offering readers multiple and diverse entry points to the news.

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