“World’s Best:” the prequel

SND hasn’t always carried a trademark on “World’s Best-Designed” newspaper. This distinction came in the 1990s. But in SND’s very first competition, held in 1980, four newspapers and two magazines were singled out for Overall Design.

In the newspaper category:

{Newspaper} The Financial Post, Canada: Gold and Best of Show

{Newspaper} Feadrelandsvennen, of Kristiansand, Norway: Silver

{Newspaper} The New York Times: Silver

{Newspaper} The Morning Call, Allentown, Pa.: Silver

In the magazine category:

{Magazine} Chicagostyle, The Chicago Sun-Times: Gold and Best of Show

{Magazine} LI, Newsday: Gold and Best of Show

Also noteworthy from the inaugural competition: there was one set of five judges, 2,474 entries and 352 winners. The awards broke down as follows:

75 Gold
127 Silver
150 Bronze

Among those winning gold:

  • Lou Silverstein, The New York Times
  • Robert Lockwood, The Morning Call
  • Nanette Bisher, The Morning Call
  • Eric Seidman, The Washington Star
  • Randy Cox, Coffeyville Journal
  • Lynn Staley, The Boston Globe
  • Sam Hundley, Arizona Daily Star
  • Steve McKinstry, Seattle Times
  • David Yarnold, San Jose Mercury News
  • Michael Keegan, L.A. Herald Examiner
  • Ed Kohorst, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Nigel Holmes, The New York Times
  • Oh, and the first SND annual “book”? It was a 54-page magazine.

    Stay tuned to snd.org for updates throughout the WB judging this weekend and into next week.

    STEPHEN KOMIVES is the executive director of SND.